Monday, January 05, 2009

for spite: re palestinians' preference for martyrdom

time & time again in the reporting on the war in gaza, i've heard or read claims that, just as the israelis love life, the palestinians love death.

commenter jordan hirsch put it much better on trep's blog here:

" . . . "The reason why countries adhere to the Geneva Conventions is because it ensures mutual protection of captives. i.e. if an American soldier is held captive in another signator's POW camp, we americans know he will be safe because the other signator is counting on our keeping their soldiers safe.
The terrorist groups, by their ample and frequent use of the Suicide bomber, have already demonstrated that they don't care what happens to their own soldiers, much less ours. So we haave nothing to hold over their heads . . . We can't beat them, because they don't care if they all die. Civilian casualties are only important to them insofar as they provide leverage with the Western world against Israel."

how can the cycle of encouraging martyrdom b broken? in all seriousness, i literally don't know how israel can make peace with people who don't care, or, at least, profess not 2 care, whether they live or die

c jameel's & aussie dave's blogs 4 live updates on the war, the IDF spokesperson's blog 4 official updates, & jack's blog 4 gaza-war link round-ups

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